Being a web designer can be an excellent career option for those who desire to work in design and art and have a passion for technology. Many web designers are interested in computers and perhaps in programming languages that are great in the technical aspect of their job. It is also essential to be creative for success in the design aspect.

There are a variety of online courses that are available and degree programs in computers, graphics as well as web-based design. One option is to finish an undergraduate computer science program with graphic design, programming and more coursework. Most entry-level positions require a minimum diploma in Web design or another related area.

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Are you creative as well as technologically inclined? It might be worth considering an opportunity as a web designer!

Designing websites is a fast-growing business because digital media is integral to our lives. Users rely on the Internet for communication, information shopping, social lives, etc. Web designers create or redesign websites. They know how to make a site user-friendly and straightforward and understand the requirements to create a website that is visually appealing to users.

If you’re new to technology, knowing the best place to begin is challenging. A myriad of paths is available to you, from web development to web design to digital marketing and every field of study. Web design is usually the best place to start if you’re brand new to this field, But the real problem is how you be a designer on the web.

As with many other tech roles, the field of web design requires both analytical and creative parts of your mind. Web design is an excellent job that offers many chances to find your niche or re-evaluate your course once you have discovered precisely what you like about it.

Texas website design development agency

It’s not difficult to see that you must have a background in design to become a web design professional, but what exactly does this mean? The web design field is an aspect of the wider visual design field, which is why it makes sense to begin from there.

At Skillcrush, we offer instruction in visual design as it focuses on digital goods and helps you be successful in all design fields, which includes web design. If you take a course in visually-based design, you will learn the basic design principles you must master to become a web-based designer.

Design principles define the appearance and feel of a website and are among the most crucial ideas for web designers to be aware of. They may be anything from proportions, grid systems, and typography to the theory of color. Visual design is the art of making mood boards, typography hierarchy, and playing around with web colors and fonts.

2. UX

UX is the term used to describe user experience or how users experience (calm and frustrated, for example) when browsing a site. More than anything else, UX design is about thinking about your designs using a user-friendly approach. How do you create a web design that allows them to get what they require?

To do this, it’s necessary to research your customers and develop “personas” (profiles that represent your imagined potential users). Then, you’ll lay out the pages and contents using an outline of your site. You’ll identify the paths users will take on your site in their user flow. For instance, Do they always go right through to the social network? Or are they trying to find contact details? The responsive design will accommodate different sizes of screens and enhance functionality for everyone, regardless of the device.

As a Texas website design development agency Designer, you’ll design wireframes and then use prototyping and models to draw every website’s essential elements, including an interface for users. These components are crucial to learning UX design.

3. Graphic Design and Web Design Software

As with any other craftsman or web designer, you will require the proper tools to complete your job. Awareness of graphic design and web design industry standards is helpful in every situation and essential in numerous ways. While creating a web-based website is possible with web browser software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch, which are employed for graphic design as well as web development to perform essential tasks like creating mockups, creating objects (think of logos, images and icons) as well as altering and improving photos.

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It is essential to learn how to use these programs (although in the beginning, if you’re only beginning, you might want to check some of the no-cost Adobe Photoshop alternatives instead).

4. Texas website design development agency

If you want to be a web design professional, must you be able to code? You may not have thought that web designers require any coding knowledge. Still, a certain amount of technical knowledge is required, and a bit of familiarity with HTML and CSS is required for most web design positions today. HTML is a shorthand in the form of HyperText Markup Language, which is the language used by developers to create content for the Internet and provide it with an order on the front. This means that it’s how you transform a lot of sentences into paragraphs, headlines and footers. This is also how you can get the “cool” images or videos on a site.

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5. CSS

Then there’s HTML’s companion, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a programming language that instructs browsers to style and format HTML for web pages. It’s the basis for making content and text look nice and have an attractive appearance. With CSS, you can alter the color scheme, alter the fonts, add stunning backgrounds and much more! That’s where your love for design is at its peak, and you can add your unique stamp to every website you build.

Pro advice: If you’re planning to learn web design at no cost, HTML & CSS are excellent skills, to begin with. We’ve got our no-cost programming camp for you if you’re willing to learn today. If not, take a look at our collection of free resources to help you learn to code.

Bonus! JavaScript

Although you can create your designs with HTML and CSS, If you can also program with JavaScript, you’ll have an enormous advantage over your competitors. JavaScript is an end-to-end, front-side programming language that allows users to take static elements on your website and turn them into interactive ones. With JavaScript, you can create Twitter feeds that update regularly, websites that appear different when you log in, sliders of images and much more!

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Soft Skills Every Web Designer Needs Soft Skills

After you’ve got the technical and design aspects in place, all you need to do is acquire some basic skills to stay efficient and organized in web design. Web designers rely on these essential skills to save time by learning these skills earlier instead of later.

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If you’re looking to learn web design for freelance or work for a firm, You’ll need to be at the top of your schedule and projects to become the most successful designer. This could mean getting familiar with productivity applications such as task lists and calendars or, particularly when you’re part of a large corporation, learning tools for tracking projects like Trello and JIRA. Whatever tool you choose, mastering the art of organizing and tracking your work is essential to your success (and your sanity!) in the hectic internet design world.

7. Communication Skills

Being in contact and getting your message across are essential skills for designers. It’s impossible to make an income from creating websites without solid communication skills. You’ll have to keep customers informed about the development of their projects, as well as pitch ideas and explain your work. You may also be asked to perform editing or copywriting on websites, particularly when you’re a single-person business. Make sure you’re sharp in your writing and ability to present, and you’ll communicate your message effectively to your clients and colleagues.

8. SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media

Texas website design development agency skills (search engine optimization) and digital marketing and social media could appear to be specifically for marketers or salespersons rather than web developers. However, considering that the Internet is how many companies market nowadays, it’s also essential to learn about these concepts. Understanding the fundamentals of everyone and making them a priority for your clients and your own websites will take you on the right track in your journey as a web designer.

9. Business/Client Texas ui and ux design and development for website

As an employee or freelancer, knowing the financials will allow you to ensure that your business or you are financially viable and long-lasting. It’s not necessary to return for your MBA, but you should know the financial goals and objectives of your employer or business to utilize them to guide your work. If you’re creating specifically for clients, it is essential to make clear that cash flows and your project backlogs are sound and manageable both in the short and long term.

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How to Get Web Design Training on the Internet

As you will see, nothing new or enthralling regarding the skills required to be a web developer. However, there’s the issue of where and how to acquire the skills. A solid foundation on the technical aspect and a solid grasp of the organizational aspects can help you get started and help you when you begin to build your skills and your design profession.

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You can master all the abilities we mentioned in the Skillcrush Break Into Tech program, an extensive online program designed to get you from nothing into working as a web developer or a web designer in a matter of months. It offers fast tracks to creating your dream job in a short time and includes more than a dozen classes and optional course add-ons to help you narrow your focus and discover your technology niche.

There’s also an even more specific Visual Designer course that covers everything from color theory to typesetting to becoming a Photoshop master. It’s the ideal course for those fascinated by fonts, colors and everything visual.

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The courses we offer are entirely online and provide 24/7 access to all materials and plenty of assistance from our friendly instructors and fellow students in our online community. You’ll also learn how to locate, secure and create your first paid web design project in just a few months.

A tip for you: It’s unnecessary to require any coding or design experience to begin any of our classes. Join us today to start that exciting and exciting job in web design that you’ve always wanted to have.

The best method to select the best web designer is to examine their work experience and look through their portfolio of gigs. Take a look at examples of past web designs to understand their style. You can then pick the designer whose style you prefer the most. Before placing an order, explain your specifications, expectations, and budget to ensure they will meet your company’s requirements.

The cost of hiring a web or mobile app designer is contingent on many factors. Multi-page websites will cost more than a single page, while fully developed websites that include e-commerce platforms are the most expensive. Prices vary according to experiences, types of content, as well as the number of changes required.

A brand’s online presence can affect whether they go down or swim. Your company’s homepage is one of your greatest assets as it is responsible for creating a memorable first impression and also converting your visitors to leads.

Many Texas creative website design and development owners do not realize that unless your website is governed by a strict set of rules in relation to user experience and design and user experience, it’s likely that it will never be up to par. You’ve put in a lot of effort to create your brand, and don’t let this issue stop you from getting the success you deserve.

This helpful detailed guide will show you everything you should learn about the elements that make an effective website’s homepage design. Continue reading to discover how you can transform your website’s welcome page into the most effective business asset.

Communication “Who is I?” “What is my job,” and “What can you (the user) accomplish here.”

If a person visits your homepage, you want them to feel like they’re in the “right location.” So, your home page must give details about the person you represent as a business, what you offer, and how your website can benefit those who visit it.

If a person cannot recognize the information you provide within a few minutes of arriving on your homepage, they most likely bounce. This means they’ll go away from your site and not take other actions, such as clicking on links or visiting other pages.

The total percentage of visitors who click on this link is tracked via Google Analytics and called your bounce rate. The bounce rate of a website is between 26% and 70 percent. A greater bounce rate indicates that your website’s content isn’t geared to the viewers’ desires and needs, leading users to leave quickly.

2. It Texas creative website design and development with your ideal personas

You don’t need your home page to appeal to all. Instead, you’ll be better off creating a home page for your website focused solely on the people you want to reach. This is the category of people you’ve determined to be the ideal consumers of your products and services.

To achieve this, cut out any “fluff” by avoiding corporate jargon, and speak to your people in the language they are used to.

3. Communicates an attractive value proposition

Your worth proposition is the value you’re able to provide your visitors when they choose to interact with your homepage. You don’t want your intended users to quickly leave your site to look at what they’re looking to find on your competitor’s website. So, you’ll need to offer content that fulfills the needs and desires of your audience and makes them want to stay for a more extended period.

4. Its layout has been optimized to work with multiple devices.

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Suppose you’ve had the experience of looking at a home page with flashy banners, animations, or pop-ups that block the way of your browsing. In that case, you’ll be aware of how irritating it can be to visit websites that aren’t optimized for various devices.

Texas website design development agency that mobile users account for around 50% of all web traffic worldwide, so it’s essential to ensure that your homepage is optimized for mobile and desktop browsing.

5. Integrates the appropriate calls-to-action (CTAs)

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When creating a homepage, it’s essential to consider ways to make use of calls-to-action that get people to take that next step, whether to sign up for a newsletter, request a demo Learn more, or ‘Buy Now, such as.

In the end, the primary purpose of a website is that it should inspire viewers to connect more deeply with the content you provide. The home page should not function as a detailed, informative brochure. It should instead be designed to function as a lead-generating machine that includes both principal and second CTAs to ensure that the customer isn’t overwhelmed or lost by the choices.

6. The layout design is constantly evolving

It’s just not enough to design an initial home page and keep it the same for years. The most effective home pages constantly evolve and adapt to their intended audience’s requirements, issues and concerns.

Certain home pages also employ A/B tests or dynamic content to ensure their style and content appeal to individual viewers.

7. Texas seo website design and development great overall design

A well-designed homepage does more than just look nice and impress; it also creates trust in the eyes of the user and communicates your company’s value proposition, and entices visitors to the next step to engage with your business.

There are a variety of elements that a website’s design takes to ensure a great overall design. These include:

8. Utilizes an attractive color scheme

The page’s color plays a vital role in the layout of your home page because it is used to stimulate specific ideas or emotions in the viewer. Designers consider elements like the human eye’s ability to see, mental state, and culture when determining the best colors that will influence how a viewer acts. For instance, the red CTA button against white backgrounds conveys confidence and speed.

A Texas seo website design and development color palette can also be utilized on your home page to enhance your brand’s recognition and reinforce your brand’s philosophy. Additionally, color allows us to process and store images faster than white and black images, which allows your brand’s home page to be remembered and credible.

9. Utilizes typography to its advantage

Utilizing a couple of fonts on your welcome page layout can help keep the design consistent and consistent, mainly if the fonts belong to your company’s style guide. In addition, it stops the design from becoming too overwhelming and enhances the accessibility of your website, creating an excellent user experience.

11. It includes captivating images

We’ve all heard, “an image is worth more than a thousand words,” This is especially applicable to homepage design. Images can not only visually communicate a complex idea far more effectively than text can, but they will also draw and keep a reader’s interest. It is because colorful images enhance the desire of a viewer to read text by around 80%. Furthermore, the brain processes visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text, making images a fantastic method to instantly differentiate your product from competitors.

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2. The advantages of having a well-designed website

Once you’ve identified the elements essential to an excellent design for your homepage, Let’s look at the benefits that a properly designed homepage will bring to your business.

It lets your audience know more about your company.

Did you remember that your homepage must make the most memorable initial impression for your company? Take advantage of this by ensuring your welcome page contains all the essential information to allow someone to get to know you immediately. This includes:

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Your values

Your goal

What do you offer

What differentiates you from your competition?

Make sure that the information is concise but efficient. If readers want to know more, let them follow the appropriate pages.

Enhances the user experience of your site

Texas website design and development affordable experience is how users interact with your service, product or system. It focuses on the user’s perception of usability, user-friendliness and effectiveness.

The most important thing to remember is that when a person arrives on your homepage, you are there for an obvious goal, whether to get more information about your offerings or services, read your blog posts, or accept an offer. Your homepage should be easy to navigate and satisfy your customers’ needs. One of the most efficient methods to enhance the user experience is by providing straightforward navigation.

Accrues more Texas website design development agency

Consider the actions you want your site’s visitors to do when they arrive on your website. Are they prompted to sign-up to receive your newsletter via email, perhaps? If you’ve put a prominent and appealing sign-up form on your site, you’ll likely get lots of sign-ups.

Think about getting your visitors to take the desired action and help them move forward in your sales or marketing sales funnel. Create your homepage with this goal in mind so that you can benefit from an extremely converting website hub.

Enhances brand awareness

Utilizing branding elements like color palettes, logos, and images on your website enhances your brand’s image and improve your company’s visibility and recognition.

Furthermore, when you provide essential web links and calls to action, users will instantly be drawn to that usability and the positive experience they experience with your company’s name.

Easy navigation throughout the entire site

If a website’s homepage offers only some well-intentioned options for viewers, in addition to attractive CTAs and CTAs, they are enticed to go deeper into the entire website. This is why an easy-to-understand navigation system is crucial for your site. If a user can’t quickly decide where they want to be and what they need to be done on the homepage to get there, they could end up bouncing around.

It encourages your users to spread the word about your site with other users.

An Texas website design and development affordable and user-friendly website can benefit your site’s organic SEO and shareability because visitors are likely to share your site with others. This will increase the number of visitors to your site and the number of potential conversions your CTAs could generate.

How to design a site homepage that functions

There are a variety of steps in creating a successful web page layout. We’ve broken these steps down to make it easier.

Step 1. Create strong headlines

The first step in writing an engaging headline is to imagine yourself in your reader’s shoes.

What is the best way to you say to them?

What is their language of choice?

What words could connect and encourage them to keep browsing your site?

The secret to a strong headline is using powerful words. They are words so convincing that they create an emotional or psychological response within the reader. Examples include “powerfully efficient” and “world’s most effective.”

Although they’re not like they’re powerful in their own right, however, when put in a concise and emotionally charged headline, they’re highly effective.

When using powerful words, make sure you appeal to your consumer’s emotions in a way that conveys authority and credibility or articulates your value proposition.

Step 2. Keep it simple and think about the basics.

When you design your homepage, Don’t get caught up in the trap of thinking that by offering more options for your viewers to choose from, they’ll stay on your website for longer. According to Hick’s law, the more options you present your visitors, the longer they will need to decide. This eventually leads to frustration and causes users to abandon your site altogether.

Instead, you should use different menus on your website that your visitors will efficiently and quickly comprehend. Simple and easy menus could contain the following choices For instance:

In addition, you should make sure you don’t have several different CTAs, and you will need to narrow the conversion options for your users. Your homepage should contain one prominent CTA, while others are more obscure or smaller.

Your website should attract attention and be captivating; however, it shouldn’t be so overloaded with features that your visitors aren’t sure where to go.

3. Utilize negative Texas website design development agency

Texas business website design and development

Negative space, sometimes referred to as whitespace, plays a variety of essential functions when it comes to your Welcome Page.

First, it creates ample space around text and images and text, providing them with the breathing space they require to appear in a pleasing visual. Alongside the aesthetics, the blank space also breaks information into digestible pieces, which makes it easier to scan and improves comprehension by 20 percent.

It can also help visually guide visitors on which direction to go to the next stage, which is conversion. This is because negative space is utilized to show the visual hierarchy and importance of the various elements on your website. For instance, the more blank space around your CTA button puts greater attention on the button. This makes it stand out from other elements of the homepage.

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Step 4. Make use of a catchy CTA phrase that is logical and communicates the value

A home page that is highly conversion-driven design is one built on the steps you would like your users to do. Imagine it as a map that guides your visitors from their first destination (Point A) to the conversion you want them to take (Point A).

This is why your CTA button is vital because this is the most obvious way you can give your visitors to inform them of what the next step should be.

Select a unique hue that lets it be distinct from the other page’s elements. Make sure it’s sufficiently large to create an impact but not so big that it occupies more than the space.

In addition to the CTA button’s style, You’ll also need to pay attention to the call-to-action itself. Make it appealing and impossible to resist. For instance, instead of “Sign up now,” opt for ‘Sign-up now to receive your free eBook.’

Texas business website design and development 5. Utilizing the appropriate colors can trigger certain emotions

Research shows that the psychology of color is a significant factor in your website’s page performance. Not just do 80% of visitors to websites believe that colors increase brand recognition, but 85% of customers mention color as a critical element in their buying decisions. It is because specific colors inspire certain thoughts or emotions in people’s minds.

Yellow, for instance, is a color that brings us thoughts of happiness, sunshine and energy. Red is usually associated with a sense of alertness and arousing enthusiasm. It is also important to remember that colors can have different meanings for different people. is a fantastic source for learning about the different colors and the emotions they bring. Consider your website’s homepage’s function and how your color scheme could express that.

Additionally, you can refer to the color wheel to find out which colors go well with each other. The colors look like this:

Texas website design development agency (opposite one another in the wheels)

Harmonious (next to each other wheel)

It’s also an excellent method of ensuring that any colors you choose for your homepage don’t interfere with your company’s color palette if you add new colors.

Texas business website design and development 6. Make sure your unique selling point is over the fold

Above the fold is information you can see on your homepage before scrolling. This is a crucial area on a webpage because more than half of your visitors will spend most of their time in this area.

Therefore your most crucial information should be displayed at the top of the page, which includes your unique selling point. If you’re unable to show the value, you can give your customer right away, and they’ll not be enticed to stay.

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Step 7. Make sure to use attractive and large images

You are aware of the importance of images on your homepage, and it is logical to choose significant and visually appealing images!

They must also present your products, brands, and services in the most attractive way possible, particularly that crucial primary image. This is because users spend, on average, 5.94 seconds per day looking at the homepage’s primary image, so be sure that it creates a strong impression by size and quality.

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Step 8. Include trust symbols and social evidence elements

Another way to keep visitors to your website is to make sure that your homepage reflects how trustworthy your business is. The most effective way to achieve this is by incorporating trust icons and social proof elements.

Trust emblems could comprise:

Security symbols

Customer logos

Awards badges

Member badges

Certification badges

The logos of the press mentioned

Texas cheap website design and development

Positive feedback from happy customers

Links to case studies of clients

Video stories of clients

Step 9. Make sure the menu is simple

Additionally, you can refer to the color wheel to find out which colors go well with each other. The colors look like this:

Contrasting (opposite one another within the wheel)

Harmonious (next to the other wheel)

It’s also a suitable method of ensuring that any colors you pick for your home page won’t interfere with your brand’s color palette when adding new colors.

Step 6. Be sure to keep your unique selling points over the fold

Above the fold is the content you view on your homepage before scrolling. This is an important area on a webpage because more than half of your visitors will spend most of their time in this area.

Texas cheap website design and development, the most important details should be highlighted at the top of the page, which includes your unique selling point. If you cannot demonstrate the value, you can give your customer right away, and they’ll not find it difficult to convince them to stay.

Step 7. Use attractive images that are large and appealing.

You probably know how crucial images are on your website, so it’s logical to select big and visually appealing images!

It is also essential to present your products, brands, and services in the most appealing image, especially the critical primary image. It is because people spend, on average, 5.94 seconds per day looking at the homepage’s primary image, so make sure you make an excellent first impression by the quality and size.

Step 8. Include trust symbols and social evidence elements

Another way to keep visitors to your website is to make sure that your home page demonstrates how trustworthy as well as trustworthy your business is. The most effective way to achieve this is to use trust symbols and social proof elements.

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Step 9. Make sure the menu is simple

The key to designing a homepage menu that enhances users’ experience is making the essential menu items accessible and ensuring that the other sub-pages are easy to locate.

This can be done by creating a topical hierarchy within your menu. Menu items that are the main ones, like About Contact, Services or Products, for example, can also include submenus that highlight relevant and relevant pages.

Make sure to add a search bar prominently spotted on your homepage, too, for example, at the top of your page, so it’s easier for your visitors to find the information they’re looking for.

Texas professional website design and development

Step 10. Provide a straightforward method to reach you

Your homepage on your website is the leading online hub of your company. Therefore users should not have a difficult time contacting you or your staff. Make sure you’ve got a Contact button on the main menu. You should also include the contact information on the footer of your website. Also, consider adding a chatbot feature to allow visitors to have their queries addressed in real time, regardless of whether the chatbot is in your office.

Step 11. A/B test different homepage layout elements

The process of the A/B test, sometimes referred to in the field of split testing, occurs when you test two different versions of the same web page, email messages, or other types of marketing collateral to determine how they perform. This lets you see which options are most well-liked by your intended group, which can influence future design or marketing decision-making.

Many elements of a website could benefit from A/B testing. This includes:

Texas professional website design and development and headlines The headline you choose to use is among the most vital elements on your homepage since it’s typically the first thing a person is exposed to. The copywriting on the remainder of your page is also essential since it can affect the conversion rate: test different words, length of paragraphs and locations.

CTAs Changes to an element in the CTA can affect the conversion rate. Furthermore, the design elements such as the color of your button or contrast, the color of text size, shape, and size can affect its effectiveness. If you are split-testing your CTA be sure that you’re testing one element at a given time, regardless of how small.

Images: You may use A/B testing to determine what images to use on your homepage to improve conversions. For instance, tests suggest using a picture of someone pointing toward your header or CTA button. The image will naturally draw the user’s attention to the feature.

Social Proof: displaying reviews and feedback on your site is essential, but the trick is finding the social proof and the way it’s constructed can help to increase conversions. You could consider A/B-testing star ratings against testimonials and videos. Static images that include quotes, for instance.

4. Website homepage design examples

After you’ve mastered all you can about designing a homepage and layout, you can take inspiration from the most successful homepage examples on the Internet. This will enable you to observe an effective homepage for your website in action while determining the best option for your brand and your target market.

Texas professional website design and development forms at the top of the page direct guests to the next step in their look for lodging. The search form is simple and will automatically fill in the visitor’s previous search when logged in.

The principal CTA can be found in the Search button, which utilizes the color red to make it stand out from the other elements of the page. The second CTA can be found in a “Become a host” link in the upper right-hand corner. It blends into the background color scheme so that it doesn’t hinder the reader from the primary goal of conversion.

The primary image that is featured is eye-catching, prominent and on-brand.

Below and above that fold will also find suggestions for outings and getaways, encouraging customers to stay on the website and make more purchases.