Gocodesy Terms and Condition:

Client Rights & Need To Know

Before the client pays the advance amount it is best for him/her to know all the details in advance so that no surprises come along.

A. Your website is going to be done in Html or CMS with theme?
Before you pay the advance fee make sure of the package and type of website you have ordered. Clarify all details; if you are not sure then ask the designer via email as to how the website is going to be done and how will the client manage the site later on.

B. Responsibility of the client:
Provide text content, logos and image for the website. If not then text content is $10 to x amount per article. Price is all depends on the content size and value.

C. Each website costs different:
The look, feel and functionality of a 5000 Rs website will be different compared to a 15000 rupees costing business website and the look, feel and features of that website plus design will be different compared to a 50,000 rupees costing custom made website.
Please discuss all possibilities before ordering website design.

D. Hiring for a project or on hourly basis
If the project work is for 15 days then project should get over in 15 days. There will be no delay from the designer’s end. If the designer delays the work by more than 48 hours’ time then the client can ask upto 5% discounts (provided the designer has got all content* and details required for the project).
*Please keep content ready for the website. Do not send content to the designer every 5 days. The designer has allotted time to you (client) for the completion of project, this involves sometimes turning down other projects so that the project of the client is completed on time – Failure to provide information which was discussed at the start of the project can cause delay in project. Once the contract period expires the designer can charge you per hour or can quote per requirement.

  1. All quotes remains valid for 3 days only.
  2. Maintenance:

30 days of free support is given after website has been designed. After that the company is not responsible for the maintenance of the website (unless the terms have been discussed for Annual Maintenance Contract). The free support does not include any new work or design. The support includes fixing bugs on the site and rectifying any errors that are found in the design or the content of the website.
Free complimentary training (once – max 1 hr.): Once the website is done the client (if required) will be taught how to manage the website (add/edit content) by our team member.

  1. Backup – The backup is the responsibility of the client unless mentioned otherwise by the company. Original backup of the site made by the designer will be available free of cost for a period of 30 days after the site is designed. If the hosting is taken from the designer then backup is available for 30 days – backup is taken once a day.
  2. Recurring cost:

Website design is one time cost only. Cost for hosting and domain name is annual. Renewal charges for hosting and domain may by different. Please confirm before you opt for the services.
Example: Domain name registration fee could be INR 999 but renewal fee may be INR 1750.

Note: Gocodesy is not a domain registrar. Third party sites like Godaddy and Bigrock may be used to register and renew the domain.

  1. Additional cost

A. Additional service:
Any additional service or extra work done is chargeable. Multiple revisions and the addition of modules to add functionality to the site also come under this category. Discuss in advance with “designer” to clear out all needs and requirements in advance.

B. Additional Expenses:
The client agrees to reimburse the designer for any additional expenses incurred for the purpose of the job. Examples here would include the purchase of the domain, third party hosting, themes, stock photos, third party scripts, and software, etc. Additional expenses will be discussed with the client beforehand.

Standard packages:

The client is to pay to the designer for standard packages for website design which are based on themes and premium templates. For any custom designing or development the cost is INR 1000 per hour.

Hosting: Email ids are provided free of cost (if hosting is bought from the “Gocodesy”).
With Hosting: No additional cost for the database.

Completion date:

All content and data should be kept ready and should be updated on the site before the completion of work. The date of completion (number of days required to complete the job) shall be provided during the quote. Within 48 hours of completion of work, the payment should be made to the designer. Late payment charges will be levied to the client if there is a delay of paying the balance amount. There is a five percent penalty for late payment of fees.

Ownership of work:

Once the website is completed and the payment has been made then the entire work handed over is owned by the client. Any graphics design, coding work done is also owned by the client. The client however does not have the resell rights to any theme that may have been used for designing the website.


Your personal details will not be shared with any person or company. Read the privacy policy page here:


50% of advance payment is required before the website designing work is started. Balance 50% after the work is completed. Full payment in advance is required for search engine optimization and logo design.

Options for payment:

Credit card

Cancellation & Refunds:

Advance payment is non-refundable when your work is gettng started.
And We have a NO REFUND policy, Because our business is a services business, any service once delivered cannot be refunded.


Whatsapp and phone calls are best for emergencies but otherwise all work related matters should be kept to emails. All work requirements need to be discussed and confirmed via email; this includes information on domain registration, editing text information of the website and changes in website’s design.